Environmentally friendly CUPOLEX Flooring Systems can provide the best indoor air quality and a healthier living environment for residential housing. It is also most suitable for public places like Universities, schools, meeting halls, gyms, community housing projects etc.
Cost effective greener and sustainable concrete flooring systems
Aerated Concrete Floor Technology
Public Projects
Wangee Park Public School By Lipmans (NSW)
Some examples of pubilic projects that have used CUPOLEX
Holroyd Public School by Lipmans (NSW)
Community housing project. Nowra (NSW) Batmac Constructions
Australian Urethane & Styrene Pty. Ltd.
Australian Urethane Systems Pty. Ltd.
ISO 9001 certified company
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Roebourne Cultural Complex  Roebourne Western Australia
Industrial & Commercial
Other Projects
Six storey Science Building Project ( University of Western Sydney )